About Us

Our company is located in Fremont OH and serves to the entire region, so if you need auto repair or towing urgently somewhere around town you can count on Triple J Towing & Recovery LLC for a fast and accurate service. Our auto repair are dependable and fast, and our customer care department treats each customer with respect. We have been serving the Fremont OH community for over 14 years providing fast and reliable towing service 24/7. No matter how far or near you may be, call Triple J Towing & Recovery LLC and we will reach any point in Fremont OH soon after your emergency help request.

Most preferred auto repair service provider in Fremont OHThere could be many reasons for your car problems on the road, but whatever your problem may be, Triple J Towing & Recovery LLC is the best one to contact for an instant help. Most of our staff are mechanics as well, so they also can be helpful for discovering your vehicle problem at the spot and if the problem is not serious they can help you repair it. It can be an accident caused by the negligent act of another driver that hot you and ran away, an engine that got overheated or even a flat tire – whatever the reason, call our towing company and request our higher-end services.

We help hundreds if not thousands of people save their motorbikes, cars, buses, trucks etc each year, and we strive to improve the quality level of our services on a daily basis.

Don’t hesitate to call Triple J Towing & Recovery LLC to check our towing service quotes and find more about the regions we cover.  Phone: (419) 332-9088